Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to a bring a bike along to the show for the purposes of exhibiting?

A. Yes, we are always looking for people to bring their bikes to the show. If you are interested in showing a bike or bikes for that matter please get in touch via our contacts page and our show organisers will be happy to provide you with more information and coordinate things with you.

Q. If I bring a bike to the show will it be safe from theft and damage?

A. We always ensure that we have professional security in place for the duration of the show and this includes overnight for people who wish to show their bikes for both days of the show. We are bike owners and understand how important bikes are protected from damage or theft. We do however require people to have their own insurance against accidental damage or theft and we are not able to provide insurance liability in this respect.

Q. Is the bike show a free event?

A. Yes we pride ourselves on keeping this event a free event. We do however ask people to be generous in donating to our nominated charity.

Q. Are children allowed at the bike show?

A. Yes, this is a family friendly event and we always look to keep the kids happy by providing plenty of entertainment.

Q. Will there be a place I can leave my helmet and other gear during the show?

A. Where we are able to and this will depend on how many volunteers we have helping out on each day we may be able to provide a helmet park and we normally ask for a small charitable donation for the looking after of your gear.